Meet the Photographer

Tatjana Gavrilovic

        Hey, my name is Tatjana & I am a documentary style photographer based in Toronto, ON.  My work focuses on capturing the intimate unseen moments, to create authentic captivating visual that tells a story. I have always been the person with a camera in hand capturing special moments & memories for family & friends.  I've pursued my passion in photography helping families & loved ones memorialize the warmth, love & joy of their special moments in life. 

        My inspiration is derived from various movies, architecture & film photography. I have always had an interest & love of mid century modern architecture & design, drawing inspiration from the textures & curves of these pieces has really influenced my photo direction.  I love to travel & am always sure to pack my Analog camera with endless rolls of film.  Something about film photography expresses raw emotion, that is impossible to explain. That being said I do try to apply the basics of analog film in my digital work.  My photography style is raw & natural with a film like representation, capturing real life emotions through my lens! 


        With that in mind I focus on making the couple comfortable during their day & time with me, allowing their personality to shine through.  Feel free to contact me to chat & brainstorm unique & personal scenes for you & your loved ones! 

Can't wait to show you what I see. 





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